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Guitar lessons in Lancaster, Pa by Wayne Thompson.
Quality private guitar instruction at Lancaster's top guitar studio.

Conveniently located Lancaster guitar instruction studio.
Call our expert teachers today!

Free Trial Lesson

Call today to take advantage of the offer below to schedule 1 Free Trial Lesson

and consultation with absolutely no obligation. If you are currently taking lessons elsewhere come experience The Guitar Shop difference free of charge.

*Current and former Guitar Shop students are not eligible for this promotion. 

 1 Free Trial Lesson
45 minute appointment 
The Guitar Shop Studios
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 (717)468-0795 (text friendly)

Learn Guitar-See Results Fast With Our Instructor
Learn Guitar-See Results Fast With Our Instructor


Lancaster's Guitar/Bass Instruction Specialist
- Wayne Thompson -
30 years of teaching guitar in the Lancaster area

How do I enroll in private lessons?

Just contact the studio (717)468-0795. If your call goes to voice mail it means we are in teaching sessions. Just leave your contact information along with your 1st and 2nd choice for weekly lesson time. Someone will call you back within 24hrs.

If you live in Lancaster Pa (or surrounding areas) and want to set-up private guitar instruction call today!
Enroll by email today! Click the link below to set-up lessons by email. Please include a telephone number, desired weekly lesson time (please include at least 2 choices), level (beginner/intermediate/advanced) and age.
For age request Adult Guitar Instruction, Teen Guitar Instruction or
 Guitar Lessons  for a Child.

Enroll today by emailing your request. CLICK HERE!


How much are guitar lessons??

Lessons are $85 per month. This covers 4 or 5 -30min lessons a month depending on how the weeks fall that particular month. $85 is the cash or personal check monthly rate. If you choose to pay by credit card the monthly fee is slightly higher due to processing fees.

I need a guitar and lessons. Do you offer a beginner package that includes lessons and a guitar? the "beginner special" link at the bottom of this page. All our new acoustic and electric guitars come with a 1 year service plan included in the price. This entitles you to a free string replacement and set-up within the first year.

What about the guitar instructor's background??

Because he has worked for local school districts (Garden Spot, Conestoga Valley and Manheim Township), he has gone through the same police background check public school teachers must go through.The PA State Police and Child Welfare clearance is displayed in the waiting area. Regardless of where you ultimately decide to take lessons ask the instructor for this documentation. Do not accept copies
We understand this is an important issue for people regarding private instruction. We display our instructor's up-to-date State Police and Child Welfare clearance and don't expect parents to take someone's word on a clean record. Our instructor has no criminal record, no DUI history and no domestic violence record. The clearances are on display in the waiting room. We don't make you ask to see these important documents at The Guitar Shop.


*** For insurance and security reasons the studio is video monitored and recorded.


I've called around and some places charge registration fees. Does the Guitar Shop charge these extra fees?

No registration fee rip-off at The Guitar Shop! We simply will not charge our customers junk fees. Some local music retailers struggle to survive in the wake of shrinking profit margins. In most cases music stores charging this $20 registration fee use the money to offset poor sales in their retail departments. We appreciate your business and won't use "registration fees" to squeeze an extra nickel out of you. Think of it this way: Would you pay $20 at the door of a local restaurant just to walk in and dine there??

The Guitar Shop's primary focus is music education. Guitar Shop clients have access to our discounted name brand music gear.

 I've called some of the local music stores and along with their registration fees they want me to sign a contract agreement. Does the Guitar Shop have these same requirements?

No. Most music stores require 30 days notice when you discontinue lessons or the financial equivalent. Lessons at The Guitar Shop are paid for on a month to month basis. When you discontinue your lessons your time is simply offered to a new student. NO JUNK FEES OR CONTRACTS AT THE GUITAR SHOP.

I need an instrument. Where can I get the best deal and the best service?

 The Guitar Shop carries affordable, quality starter guitars. We have NEW acoustic and electric guitars starting at $89.95. All instruments come with a 1 year warranty. We also have a full service repair shop.


What about internet reviews?

Websites pop up on a regular basis with our website included in their databases.They are not authorized to represent our studio and some reviews on these sites are unsubstantiated and are almost always posted anonymously. Individuals can easily post comments and reviews pretending to be former students even though they may have never walked into our studio.

Where can I read letters of recommendation and any press about the guitar instructor?

Simply click the link at the bottom of this page :

letters and articles

Is the guitar instructor teaching because he couldn't make it as a performer?? Those who can't teach.

Good question!! Wayne Thompson has played nearly 3000 paying jobs. He worked fulltime as a guitarist/vocalist in a variety of acts for 7 years. He has worked the local theater scene as well as the nightclub circuit. Don't take our word on it! Contact the shop and we can provide you with news articles documenting his long performing history. Click on the link below to view Wayne Thompson's current touring schedule.


When is payment due??

The last lesson of the month payment is due to reserve your time the upcoming month. If you forget payment please mail it to:

1523 Fellowship Drive Lancaster Pa 17601

 This will insure your time slot is reserved.

If I miss a guitar lesson can I make it up??

If you have given 24hrs notice a make-up time will be given if time is available that week in the instructor's schedule. If a make-up lesson is not scheduled, the next month that has 5 lessons, the 5th lesson will be your make-up lesson.

What kind of guitar do I need to start?? Should I start with an acoustic or an electric??

The guitar you start with should be in good playing condition and have new strings. In most cases, the old guitar you or a relative has laying around can be given a once over by a repair tech for $50-$60 including a set of strings.

The choice between electric or acoustic is up to the individual. Electrics tend to cost a bit more because they require an amplifier.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes we do accept credit cards. Keep in mind the credit card price will be slightly higher than the cash or personal check price due to fees. Scroll down to pay by credit card.

Studio phone # 717-468-0795

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Click Here - Wayne Thompson's Touring Schedule

Click Here - Letters and Articles

Click Here - Affordable Quality Guitars

Learn Guitar-See Results Fast With Our Instructor
Learn Guitar-See Results Fast With Our Instructor

Please email the instructor if you have additional questions


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